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Carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet

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Asallweknowthat carbonfiber ishighstrengthandextremelylightweight.Itisthemostcommonlyusedcompositefabricwithapplicationsinallareasofindustrynow,suchashouseholdapplications,machines,aerospace,spaceflig

 As all we know that carbon fiber is high strength and extremely light weight. It is the most commonly used composite fabric with applications in all areas of industry now, such as household applications, machines ,aerospace,spaceflight and other high-tech applications.Carbon fiber fabric has super knitting technology and exact molding technics and equipments, so we can produce full carbon series products to meet all kinds of process requirement on composite materials.

  The advantages of our carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet:high tensile strength and ray penetration ; abrasion and corrosion resistance;high electric conductivity,soft and free to cut;light weight, easy to construct and little increasing the weight on constructed based materials; high elastic modulus;wide temperature range; type: 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K; good surface, factory price;Standard width we produce is 100mm,any other width can be customized

  ; Other fabric area weight can be avaible.

  The 12k carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet is a new material, it has the obvious advantage of high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, and high temperature resistance. Carbon fiber fabric can be compatible with epoxy, vinyl, polyester and other resins. It shows incredible mechanical performance and reinforcing effect on structures.

  Our carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet can be used in the following areas:airspace,sporting goods,mechanical equipment,shipbuilding,automobile,advertising panels; construction,increase building use load; material aging;concrete strength grade is lower than the design value; structural cracks processing;harsh enviroment service component repair,protective;other purposes:industrial products and many other fields.

  We also produce the aramid and carbon hybrid fabric which is woven by aramid and carbon fiber , which combine the advantages of high tensile strength from carbon fiber and impact resistence from aramid fiber. Aramid and carbon hybrid fabric have extensive applications, such as automotive engineering, motor sports, the fashionable decorations, aircraft construction, ship construction, sports equipments, electronic products and other applications.

Carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet