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CC Boards Blocks and Cylinders

Carboncarboncomposites(Carbon-fiber-reinforcedcarboncomposites)(CFC)isakindofmaterialformedbyhighstrengthcarbonfiberandcarbonmatrixaftergraphitizationenhancementprocessingcanbewidelyusedinthehightemperatureenvironmentofvariousstructure,heaterandvessel.Comparedwiththetraditionalengineeringmaterials,carboncarboncompositehasthefollowingadvantages:  1highstrength  2hightemperature(2000DEGCcanstillmaintainexcellentmechanicalandelectricalproperties)  3thermalshockresistance  4lowcoefficientofthermalexpansion  5smallthermalcapacity  6excellentcorrosionresistanceandradiationresistance  Application  1.aerospace.Becauseofthecompositematerialhasgoodthermalstability,highspecificstrengthandstiffness.Itcanbeusedformanufacturingofaircraftbrakes,wingandfuselage,satelliteantennaandasupportstructure,solarwingandshell,largecarrierrocketShell,engineshell,etc..  2.Theautomobileindustry.  3.Themedicalfield.  Specification  Knittingmethod:2D,2.5D,3D,4D  Density:1.5,1.55,1.6,1.65,1.7,1.75,1.8,1.85,1.9
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  Carbon carbon composites (Carbon-fiber-reinforced carbon composites) (CFC) is a kind of material formed by high strength carbon fiber and carbon matrix after graphitization enhancement processing can be widely used in the high temperature environment of various structure, heater and vessel. Compared with the traditional engineering materials, carbon carbon composite has the following advantages:

  1 high strength

  2 high temperature (2000 DEG C can still maintain excellent mechanical and electrical properties)

  3 thermal shock resistance

  4 low coefficient of thermal expansion

  5 small thermal capacity

  6 excellent corrosion resistance and radiation resistance


       1. aerospace. Because of the composite material has good thermal stability, high specific strength and stiffness. It can be used for manufacturing of aircraft brakes, wing and fuselage, satellite antenna and a support structure, solar wing and shell, large carrier rocket Shell, engine shell, etc..

       2. The automobile industry.

       3. The medical field.

       4. Heat-insulation

       5. Heating Unit

       6. Ray-insulation

       7. OthersSpecification

Knitting method :2D, 2.5D, 3D, 4D

Density: 1.5, 1.55, 1.6,1.65, 1.7,1.75, 1.8, 1.85, 1.9

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CC Boards Blocks and Cylinders