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The USE of Flexible graphite sheet

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Flexiblegraphite isasoftsheetformofcompressednaturalgraphitemadefromexfoliatedmineralflake(crystalline)graphite.Duetoitsflexibletexture,itisreferredtoasflexiblegraphitetodistinguishitfromotherformsofg

 Flexible graphite is a soft sheet form of compressed natural graphite made from exfoliated mineral flake(crystalline) graphite. Due to its flexible texture, it is referred to as flexible graphite to distinguish it from other forms of graphite materials: flake graphite, amorphous graphite, artificial graphite (hard graphite), graphite electrodes, graphite/carbon fiber, etc.

  standard flexible graphite sheet product suitable for most industry applications. As gasket material, it is usually fabricated into Graphite Laminate, reinforced graphite sheet and widely used in fluid sealing applications: flange gasket, spiral wound gasket, heat exchanger gasket, etc. It can also be used as solid lubricant in metal stamping and forming applications, or as heat liner in industry furnaces and other heating devices.

  Sometimes flexible graphite is also referred to by a manufacturer's brand name like grafoil. Flexible graphite sheet is made with pure expanded graphite. standard flexible graphite sheet product has a high purity of 99.0% carbon content. Higher carbon content gives the flexible graphite foil better chemical resistance, better thermal conductivity, and better sealing ability.

  graphite gasket sheet is made with pure flexible graphite sheet reinforced with glass fiber insert. The both sides are pure graphite sheet, the reinforced material is one layer or two layers of glass fiber. The graphite layer and glass fiber are jointed together with glue bonded. Reinforced graphite gasket is cut or molded from our reinforced graphite sheets. Inner and outer eyelet with SS304 or SS316.

  Graphite gaskets having excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent compressibility and recovery, widely used for piping, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, compressed machine, exhaust pipes, chillers. Graphite reinforced gasket can also cut into any shape of complex gaskets such as water gauge gasket, full face flange gasket and automotive cylinder head gasket.

  Reinforced materials: stainless steel tanged, stainless steel foil, tinplate, wire mesh, glass fiber and and Aluminium foil.

The USE of Flexible graphite sheet