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Who We Are

As a leader in supplying high quality graphite in China, and one of the competitive graphite suppliers all over the world, GW ’s commitment is to supply high quality graphite material, carbon and graphite composites, formed graphite parts...

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Flow Of Graphite Products

We have advanced technology and standardized

processes. Products with excellent quality, compression wear

fireproof and many other advantages, click to see our

process standards.

 Graphite Production Flow
 Graphite Felt Production Flow
 Carbon composite Production Flow

The improvement measures of the problem in the process of graphite mold machining
Thecrackafterthequenchingisthebiggestdefectof graphitemold intheprocessofheattreatment,itwillmaketheprocessedgraphitemoldscrapandtheproductionandeconomicloss.  Thecausesofthecrack:thereisseriousnetwor
Carbon fiber fabric cloth sheet
Asallweknowthat carbonfiber ishighstrengthandextremelylightweight.Itisthemostcommonlyusedcompositefabricwithapplicationsinallareasofindustrynow,suchashouseholdapplications,machines,aerospace,spaceflig
The USE of Flexible graphite sheet
Flexiblegraphite isasoftsheetformofcompressednaturalgraphitemadefromexfoliatedmineralflake(crystalline)graphite.Duetoitsflexibletexture,itisreferredtoasflexiblegraphitetodistinguishitfromotherformsofg